Common explanations for her dating decline

There are many factors that can lead to an unhealthy relationship. This is why it’s crucial for both parties to be able to recognize the problem and take accountability for how they contribute to the situation. This will require a great deal of self-awareness, honesty, and humility. Here are some of the most common reasons why she may be dating less.

1. She’s moving on

A big sign she is moving on is when she no longer talks about you. If she does not talk about you with her friends or brings you up in conversations, that is a surefire sign she is done with you.

Similarly, when she no longer wants to meet up with you or even turns down your invites, she is likely moving on. She does not want to think about you anymore, and is trying to close that chapter of her life.

Another way she is moving on is by prioritizing her new boyfriend over you. She may try to tell you that her feelings for you are gone or she just cannot give him the time of day, but it is likely a mask for her true emotions. If she starts introducing her new boyfriend to her mutual friends, she has definitely moved on from you. If she is focusing on her relationship with this guy, she will not be available for you.

2. She’s single

A girl who is single will look to scope out the potential selection of men she might run into. She will check her phone regularly and make plans. She will also be open to talking with other guys, and she will even flirt with them (if she is feeling particularly bold).

If she starts talking about things like pet ownership, carpooling, moving to a new apartment, home decorating, getting her own place, and more, then she is likely serious about you and sees you as someone that she would want a long-term relationship with, possibly leading to marriage and children. She will talk to you about these things, and she will remember the little details of your life. Her body language will also tell you a lot about what she is thinking. She will be more open and relaxed around you, compared to the girls who are in a relationship. She will hold her arms out and have a more inviting posture.

4. She’s tired

Just as you can make a catastrophe out of one little thing, such as overspending on groceries or getting low website traffic, so can she. When she is tired, everything looks bad and it’s easy to jump to conclusions that your relationship is doomed. Country musician Garth Brooks captured these feelings of weariness and longing in his song “She’s Tired of Boys.” If this is true for her, you may need to change the way you spend time together.

5. She’s tired of you

 If your girlfriend is always bored when you are with her, it may be a sign that she is tired of you. She may be tired of the fact that you always have to be the one to put in the work, or she may be tired of the fact that you are always the one to come up with new ideas and plans. However, if your girlfriend is really tired of you, she might just want to get away from you. In this case, it might be a good idea to get her out of your relationship as soon as possible. Then, she will be able to find someone who is more interesting than you are.

Another reason she might be feeling burned out is if she feels like you are not taking care of yourself. It is very easy for people to become irritable and depressed when they feel that their partner is not taking care of themselves. They think that they are not being treated as well as they should be, or that you are not taking care of yourself.